Vitamin D for babies  

Picture of Vitamin D for Babies.

Extra vitamin D for babies is one of the most discussed vitamins

Vitamin D is normally produced in the skin after exposure from sunlight, but is also contained in certain types of food and diet supplements. 

Vitamin D for babies helps the body primary to regulate the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the bones. If the baby lacks of vitamin D, the bones may suffer from various soft-bone diseases and rickets.

Insufficient vitamin D can also cause babies to have muscular spasm, low energy and nervousness. Vitamin D also stimulates the immune system, particularly anti tumor activities. 

Vitamin d for babies is mostly given to babies that live on the north side of the globe, because the low amount of sun exposure during certain periods of the year, and also the low amount of exposed skin during those periods.


This can cause problems for babies, because their fragile bodies have to be kept safe from cold, but they also need to be exposed to the sun. How much time a baby needs in the sun depends largely on what type of skin the baby has, generally the darker skin the longer time it has to be exposed in the sun. So keep in mind baby safety is very important.


Vitamin D is for babies a big concern in some countries, and some studies have shown that vitamin D from digestion is not the ultimate way of obtaining the vitamin. The human body is designed to be exposed to a certain amount of sun during the day, so while we now have invented apartments, lamps and home delivery pizza we don´t have to get out as much. This has caused problems with vitamin D for babies. When we don’t go out, they don’t.  


In some types of food, like olives, fish and fortified milk, it is included vitamin D for babies. But we are not designed to get the larger amount of vitamin d from food. If that was the case, all our ancestors would lack of vitamin D. We are instead designed to produce the larger amount of vitamin D from sunlight exposure.


So, if you not for any reason living in a submarine where it can be hard to get your child outside. The best way of preventing it from rickets and other vitamin D related problems, is to try to take it out as much as possible. The minimum sun exposure recommendation from the WHO ( World health organization ) is 2 hours in full clothing, and 30 minutes in diapers per week. But remember that this is not the recommended exposure, it’s the minimum, and less exposure greatly increases the risk for low vitamin d for babies.

It is also much better to spread it out over the week, so the baby is exposed at least a short time each day. But always be careful so the baby doesn’t get burnt if the sun is strong. Babies are also very sensitive to strong sunlight.