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In this section you can find various articles about vitamins for your baby. The articles will overlap each other and are written by different authors, carefully chosen by baby vitamins.


Vitamins are important for all humans, big and small, but for small babies it’s even more important to get enough vitamins. This helps the development of his/her body and mind. Without sufficient vitamins for your baby it will not have the same energy and willingness to explore his/her new world. It can also be a source for bad mood and sleep. This can be very frustrating for both the baby and the parents. 


When the baby is happy it´s a good sign that the baby is both healthy and have enought food, sleep, vitamins and love. Moody babies often lack something, and the most common things are vitamins and sleep.


Under this section you can browse through various material and articles on baby vitamins. We hope that you will enjoy our material and get a good understanding and general knowledge of baby vitamins.
Remember that our page is informational only, and we don’t aspire in any way to give you advice on how you should treat your baby. This is a decision that only you can do.  


But this information can still be very helpful. Almost all parents and babies will go through hard times and, hopefully, this site can help to lighten up one thing or another about vitamins. And hopefully prevent some lifelong problems, as can be caused when the baby is lacking vitamin D, which also is one of the most commonly given vitamin supplements.  


We have several articles about vitamin D, two of them can be found under this section. Vitamin D is produced in the skin when the sun shines on it. Now that our culture has changed and we spend less and less time in the sun with more and more clothes, we often get to little Vitamin D. 

It´s very common in northern latitudes for babies to get insufficient amounts of sunlight during some parts of the year. Insufficient sunlight and vitamin D can then cause soft-bone diseases and rickets. If the baby gets low amounts of vitamin D it can also get a weaker bone structure, which can cause problems later in life. 


Important vitamins


Vitamins for your baby are of great importance and all babies needs are different, so make sure that you consult your doctor or other authority that know your particular child before making changes in their diet/supplements. Most babies are just fine, but if they get too big doses of supplements it could be harmful to the liver and other organs. Make sure that they get adequate quantities.   


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