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Most babies get enough baby vitamins from either formula milk or natural breast milk. But sometimes the baby can need extra vitamins. Maybe because the baby don’t eat enough, or the mother for some reason cannot consume sufficient vitamins herself(often due to medical reasons or stressful living).
This can decrease the quality of the breast milk and could be a reason to give your baby extra vitamins from vitamin drops or by giving them a special extra diet.

For that reason, it’s important to have a general knowledge of the most important vitamins. With this in your pocket; it’s easier to see symptoms for insufficient vitamins. Then you can go to your doctor and ask for help in good time. Also, in the rare case that the doctor doesn’t seem to agree with your diagnosis, you can do a little research yourself before you ask for a second opinion.   

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The most important baby vitamins 

Among the most important baby vitamins you can find are,  

– Vitamin D    

– Vitamin C    

– Vitamin K    

You can read more about the baby vitamins under the different articles, labeled with the vitamins name on our page, or you can also find good content out on the web, like this overview baby vitamin article.  

There are also many other vitamins that your baby needs, these are however not mentioned on this site; this is because the most vitamins are given from breast milk or formula milk.

Extra vitamins are often needed when there is some kind of biological complication or environmental obstacles. But even if your baby you are perfectly healthy, there can still be of great interest to read about the different vitamins. Much of this knowledge can also be useful as the child grows and starts to eat solid food. this can often make it harder to know if the child gets sufficient amount of vitamins. However, we do not intend to in any way advise you. This site is informational only. We are happy to give information, but we will never advise you to do anything.

Because the baby is very fragile and develops very fast, it’s important to be ahead of the symptoms. If the child get insufficient baby vitamin d and get rickets, it can be cured with large doses of vitamin d, sunlight exposure and special diet. But it’s much easier and less stressful to be aware of the babies needs and make sure that the most crucial vitamins are covered. Babies have many needs, and its important to be aware of them.

This site is also to calm stressed mothers. When you read about baby vitamins and the possible effects insufficient amounts can cause, also rest assure that both breast milk and formula milk is carefully designed (by mother nature and responsible scientists) to include the right amounts of each vitamin. Still it is crucial to know that all babies have individual habits and needs, so there can be reasons for changes in lifestyle, diet or to supplements for some babies. 

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