Vitamin Baby Drops

Baby getting vitamin drops

Vitamin Baby drops are a very good way to give your baby extra vitamins  Baby vitamin drops are widely used as an easy way to give your baby extra vitamins. It can sometimes be hard to get babies to eat sufficient food, especially when they start to eat solid food. Bad eating habits often come and go for small children.
When babies refuse to eat, parents often get the advice to give them extra vitamin supplements. Babies might also need extra vitamin baby drops for some medical reason.
Remember, as long as the mother and baby are healthy, and the baby eats sufficient amounts of formula or breast milk, there is rarely any need for extra vitamins.

It´s however usual for babies that don’t get enough sunlight exposure to be recommended to take extra vitamin D supplements in the form of vitamin baby drops. This is especially common in northern latitudes. If your particular baby should take vitamin baby drops is a question that you should bring up to your doctor.


Vitamin baby drops are the most common way to give babies vitamin supplements, and they can be bought where medicines are sold. They can also be bought online.

One of the largest online stores for baby drops is Drugstore , but there are several others of course. You can find a few more examples on our page Cost of baby vitamins. The online market changes every day, so make sure you do your own research. And dont forget to check your local market.

It is generally not a good idea to give vitamin drops as a substitute for breast milk or formula milk. Babies need alot of fat and calories in order to grow. Vitamin drops are only made as a supplement and cannot replace the normal diet.

The recommended use for most baby drops is to put one drop on the mother’s nipple, or in the pacifier. This is for babies that are still breast feeding or drinking formula.When the baby grows up, and start eating solid food, the baby drops can either be put in the food, or just dropped directly in the mouth. Most drops can also be put in drinks. You should always carefully read the instructions on the package that comes with the vitamin drops to be sure that it´s used correctly.  

Vitamin baby drops are even more common to give babies after they have started to eat solid food. Because then it´s harder to make sure that the baby is getting all the vitamins it need. When the baby is still being breast-or formula fed you know that all the necessities for the baby are in the milk. But as soon as the baby is starting to eat more solid food it is important to make sure that the diet is well balanced and that all vitamins are included. That is why many parents ask their doctor for advice on how to make sure the baby get sufficient amounts of all needed vitamins. And baby vitamin drops are often the recommendation.

It’s important to know that baby drops can be a good way to make sure that the baby doesn’t miss out on any important vitamins, but the baby still needs the same amount of breast milk, formula milk or food. You can read more about food and how to keep a balanced diet on food standards agency.