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In this section you will find articles on vitamins for babies, what the vitamins does, and more specific knowledge about the different types of vitamins.

Always remember that your baby is your most precious thing, and you are responsible for her as a parent. Always be conservative and careful, a healthy child that eats sufficient food rarely need any extra vitamins. If you are in doubt, make sure that you speak to an authority like your doctor or accoucheuse.

All babies are different but they do walk through similar processes. There are many babies that have bad eating habits sometimes during their first year, and then it could be good to supplement vitamins to bridge that stage. This also often reduces the time spent on this evolutionary plateau.  

Vitamins for babies is a very broad topic, in this site we will only cover the most important and usual vitamins that people ask questions about. Our articles are written on different authors on the subject with different views. Please read and learn about your babies needs. 

Our intention is to give a broader perspective and some facts about the vitamins, there has always been a hot debate on breast milk, that it’s sufficient and natural for all babies. This is both true and not. For healthy babies with healthy mothers in a healthy environment with healthy habits, this is true.

However, there are sometimes good reasons to give supplements to babies that is low on certain vitamins, due to envirmental changes, culture or other reasons. Vitamins are developed to help babies that need them, not to replace breast milk or mothers. 

Always remember that your baby is your most precious thing, and you are responsible for her as a parent -  New Baby Information.

There is always times when babies get through though phases, some of these can become worse because of lack of appetite, this can be a good time to give extra baby vitamin drops or similar, to make sure that the baby get sufficient vitamins for babies.

We hope that you will enjoy and find our articles interesting and that you will come back here for more reading. Now we will walk you through the most common vitamins and give you information on what they do in the baby´s body. 
There will also be information on how you can see if the baby lacks the vitamin described.

Please feel free to visit the  baby vitamins  page to get the first introduction to the most important vitamins for babies, under that page you can also find more articles on the subject, carefully chosen by us at baby vitamins.

There are also many other good sites that are talking about the subject of vitamins for babies. One of the largest sites is parents.com, this link will take you to one article written by the editors of child magazine. Vitamins for babies  articles can be found all over the web, but we believe that we have done a good job in gathering some of the best on our site. All authors have of course given their approval.