Baby Feeding – There is No Right or Wrong Baby Feeding Method

Picture of Baby Feeding.

There are many different opinions regarding baby feeding, while most doctors and pediatricians agree that breast feeding your baby is the best choice, many advocate bottle feeding as a way to ensure that they get the nutrition they need. In the end it is really up to the parents to decide which method of baby feeding they are going to use. One of the biggest advantages of breast feeding is that your baby will continue to receive infection fighting antibodies from your body for as long as you continue to breast feed.

Over the years formulas created for baby feeding have improved to the point where they are nutritionally the same as breast milk and for the most part make a perfectly acceptable alternative.

There are many different reasons why many women choose to go with bottle feeding their baby instead of breastfeeding, physical reasons like a lack of breast milk, maternal health issues, poor sucking reflex from the baby and painful nursing. One of the most common reasons used is the fact that mom has a job outside the house and their baby feeding schedule does not correspond with work hours.

There is no exact science to baby feeding and setting up a schedule especially in the first few months of life, your baby is going to want to eat when he is hungry and sleep when he is tired.

For the working mom this can be a problem which is why formula is one of the best selling baby feeding products on the market right alongside bottles with which to feed your baby.                            

There are several different formulas on the market and choosing the right one can be a challenge. You should talk to your doctor; he may have a baby feeding guide that can help you figure out which baby formula you should be using and how much you need to be feeding your baby based on his age and weight.

Also you will find that some formulas are dairy based and others are soy based, the soy based formulas are generally used for those babies that are lactose intolerant or have parents that choose to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

There is nothing wrong with choosing the soy formula over the dairy based ones as both contain all of the necessary vitamins for babies, minerals and nutrients your baby will need to thrive. As your child grows older you will need to start working towards getting him to sleep through the night, this should normally begin to occur naturally between 2 an 4 months of age. How and when you feed your baby has a lot to do with when they start to sleep through the night.

Feeding your baby is only one part of getting him to sleep through the night; you also need to take into consideration his nap schedule. By the time he reaches 2 months of age you should begin to regulate his naps to no more than 4 times per day when possible and be starting to cut back on the number of times you feed him, take into consideration his nap schedule and the baby nursery decoration that can support his visual development and more.

By the time he is 4 months old he should be down to 3 naps during the day and 5 to 6 feedings per day with the last one just before bed time to carry him through the night.