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Not everyone agrees about whether or not you should have to give you baby vitamins.  Some doctors will tell you that your baby will get all of the vitamins he needs from your breast milk or the formula that you are using.

Others will start your baby off by giving you a prescription for vitamins that they tell you to start using almost immediately. It all depends on your particular doctor, of course the decision in the end is entirely up to you, but if you decide to use the vitamins you should make sure you follow the instructions from your doctor very carefully.

Theoretically when your baby is born he should be very healthy and not need any more vitamins than he is going to get from your breast milk or the formula you are feeding him according to most leading medical researchers.

The time to start giving your baby vitamins is after you wean him off of the formula or breast milk and start to feed him baby foods and juices. At this point a good quality vitamin supplement is recommended to help keep his vitamin levels at the same point they were at before you changed the way you were feeding him.

Reasons to Consider Baby Vitamins

One of the biggest reasons you need to consider using infant vitamins after you start your baby on solid foods is that you have far less ability to make sure that your baby is always eating a healthy diet.

Most days he will eat well and get most of the baby nutrition he needs, but there are going to be days as he gets used to eating solid foods that he is going to be fussy and not eat enough of the good foods he needs. At these times he is more likely to eat his favorite foods, which generally speaking are the least nutritious, and refuse to eat the healthy ones like vegetables.

When your baby exhibits these kind of eating habits you need to be able to supplement the missing vitamins in his diet. When they are this young the only safe way to give your baby vitamins is to use one of the liquid multi-vitamins that are made especially for infants. The dosages are designed specifically for this age group and include just the right amount of the important vitamins your baby needs to continue to thrive and stay healthy even when his eating habits are not what you want them to be.

Once your child reach the toddler stage the argument over whether or not you should be giving him toddler vitamins heats up.

Experts do not agree and much like baby vitamins you may be better off going with your own gut feelings. In general as long as your child is eating a well balanced diet he is probable getting the majority of the vitamins and minerals he needs to continue to be healthy and grow.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you follow your pediatrician's advice as to whether or not your child needs vitamin supplements.

Their premise is that since so many of the foods we eat are already fortified with extra vitamins and minerals most children are getting their recommended daily doses of all the essential vitamins they need.

However at the same time, they cover their opinions by stating that there is no harm in giving your toddler vitamins as long as you do not exceed the maximum recommended dosages. Their feeling is that by doing this, the vitamins will take care of any areas that your child may be missing out on in his daily diet.

Perhaps one of the best reasons for considering giving your toddler or baby vitamins can be if they are a picky eater or you subscribe to a vegetarian or vegan diet. While vegetables are more than capable of providing all of the essential vitamins a person needs, not all children will eat sufficient amounts to take in sufficient quantities of the right vitamins. If your child is a picky eater you may need to provide vitamin supplements as a way to ensure he is getting the recommended daily dosages of the essential vitamins.
While toddler and baby vitamins are a good way to make sure that your child is getting what he needs, they are not a substitute for a good diet. You should consider them a stop gap supplement while you work on improving his eating habits so that he gets all of his nutrition from the food he eats, which is far healthier for him.
You came to the right place

Baby vitamin is a reliable and well respected online site, dedicated for giving information about vitamins for babies. This site does not intend to in any way give advice. Our site only aspires to give information.

First of all, no extra baby vitamin should be needed if your child is still being breastfed, eating adequate quantities and is healthy. It is very rare that your baby needs any extra vitamins.

But there are exceptions. If there are local reasons like low amount of sunlight or lack of certain vitamins in the local diet. If you believe that your baby needs extra vitamins, you should always consult your doctor before giving any extra baby vitamin

Why Extra Baby vitamin?

Picture of Baby Vitamins.Almost all babies that eat enough food are healthy. But after the baby starts to consume solid food its important to make sure that all vitamins are included in the diet.

Babies are very sensitive beings, if your baby misses out even very small quantities of food (5% of their weight), it could be harmful for their development. So its very important to make sure that your baby is eating enough. But, again, as long as the baby is getting as much food as it needs, there is rarely any use to give them extra vitamins.

In the navigation bar you can find useful information on different topics regarding the most common baby vitamins. When they are useful, what they do and why babies need them.

Because of the sensitivity of the subject, we cannot, as stated above, give any advice on what you should give and not give your baby. This decision can only be made by the parents together with their trusted doctor. 

Remember the Important Thing

In most commercial products for babies, and in the natural breast milk, all essential vitamins are included, and any extra baby vitamin should only be taken carefully in consultation with your  doctor.

There is also plenty of good information about how to feed your baby on the U.S food and drug administrations homepage (FDA), you can also contact them regarding questions on baby vitamins.

The FDA website contains valuable information about babies needs for food and vitamins, both early in their life and after they have stopped breastfeeding or drink formula. 

We hope

With this site we want to give you a short insight in the most important vitamins and supplements for babies, both so that the parents will have a better understanding for supplements recommended from their doctor and so that they have a chance to monitor their babies and easier find out if anything is missing them.

It’s important that babies are not short on anything they need early in life, because this is the foundation from which they will grow from in the future. Breast milk and fortified formulas are very well adapted to the babies needs, so don’t be stressed. We just want to provide information, so you can watch and make sure that your baby has enough baby vitamins